Skepticism of Women in Nigerian Governance and Politics: A Historical Metamorphosis of a Prey Turning Predator, Pre-Colonial Times Till Date

Olasupo O. Thompson, Adenike Comfort Onifade


The exclusion and skepticism of women in politics and governance are not peculiar to Nigeria or Africa alone. It is a general phenomenon. From pre-colonial times, women were seen but not heard, but the few ones who represented the women folks discharged their duties satisfactorily with distinction. And as the colonial marauders came, this did not change as the very few women in politics and governance showed character, charisma and class. In the post-independent era, some changes began; perhaps this could be spurned from the feminist movements that breezed past Africa; the military interregnum, social and economic factors and the structure of the polity. The paper argues for the role of women from precolonial times and posits that this once upon a prey has now metamorphosed into a predator. The paper therefore concludes that if women case must continue to be engendered, then the few ones who have the opportunity must be more accountable, spirited, credible, prudent and stoic and not be allowed to be pushed around by the male counterparts.


Governance; Metamorphosis; Prey; Predator; Politics; Women; Economic factors; Colonial period

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