Line Dance: An Opportunity for Women’s Health and Equality: An Analysis Based on Line Dance Surveys of China in the 21st Century

Yamei Sun


This article gives a summary of the development condition and women participation of line dance in China by analyzing documentary and case study. It also discusses what changes may happen to female dancers and provides potential methods to further popularizing line dance. Conclusions are as follows: (a) Line dance has gained great popularity and will maintain a rapidly expanding momentum among Chinese public, especially among Chinese women, since its introduction of the earlier 21st century. (b) Female group is the major driving force as well as the prime beneficiary of this sport. We find that, for women, there are both health values, which include benefits to bodily functions, mental status and brain fitness, and social values that can help them reach organizing potential, promote sense of self-value and expand the social network. Line dance is playing a significant role in raising the number of Chinese female sport population and promoting gender equality in sport. (c) To fully and further extend the value of this sport, women of the middle class are considered to be emphasized. Comprehensive methods, including standardizing organizational construction and optimizing urban planning, should also be taken.


Line dance; Chinese women; Health; Gender equality

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